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Custom Formulation & Contract Manufacturing​

From start to finish we can help you to design, create and brand your products to your own unique style and requirements.

Thanks to our unique mixing and blending programme we are able to offer the flexibility to design and create nutritional products to your exact specification.


Whether you wish to use our own formulations or if you need advice to create your own bespoke formulations then we are happy to assist with either option. 

Ready-To-Go Formulations

If you wish to private label your nutritional products using our existing award-winning formulas then our team can help with the development of your products from start to finish. We have a huge portfolio of products and formulations that are guaranteed to impress. A list of ingredients and examples of formulation can be viewed here

Bespoke/Customised Formulations

Our blending and formulation capabilities allows our customers to really dig into the nutritional profile of their intended products. Creating your own nutritional formulation allows our customers to create and design products to their own specifications. 

With so many varities of protein shakes and nutritional supplements on the market today, offering a unique product that separates you from the rest of the market can often be a wise step to take. Customising the nutritional profile of your supplements is a great way to offer something very unique to your audience.


We ensure a wide and varied list of products and ingredients that we are constantly researching to find the very best quality. You can be sure that all of the ingredients used in your formulations are superb in their quality, solubility, digestibility and nutritional profile.


To request more information, or a call back, please contact us here.





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