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Our Ingredients
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Our products: 

We go to great lengths researching and importing the best ingredients around the world from the best suppliers. 


Whatever the application, you can be assured that the quality of our ingredients is of the highest standard and thoroughly audited, checked and approved before purchase.. 


The ingredients we use are QC'd, certified and tested to GMP and HACCP requirements to ensure the best quailty for your formulations.


Manufacturer's declarations and product certifications are available on all products upon request. 


Current Formulations: 

Organic Supplements

Vegan Supplements

Milk Protein Supplements

Protein Shakes

Diet Protein Shakes

Amino Acids

Protein Bars & Snacks

Post Workout & Recovery

Mass & Weight Gainers


Exercise & Endurance

Pre Workout

Energy, Performance & Endurance 


Creatine Supplements

Nitric Oxide


Weight Loss Support

Meal Replacement Shakes

Fat 'Burners'

Natural Remedies



Health & Wellbeing

Vitamins & Minerals

Immune System Boosters

Oats, Cereals & Grains


Mood Elevation 

Cognitive Functioning & Alertness

Sleep Enhancement

Calming & Relaxation

Anti Ageing 

Anti Inflammatory

Joints & Flexibility

High Fibre & Digestion 

Sexual Health & Functioning

Herbal Tea's & Tinctures


Organic Supplements

Vegan Shakes 




Flavenoids / Polyphenols


Natural Sweeteners


Female Range

Nutritional Drinks

Female Health & Wellbeing

Hormone Regulators





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Sports Nutrition

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