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Labelling & Packaging



Knowing that your label is the identity of your product and brand combined, we make sure that the very best services are available to produce the most appealing design to attract customers to your products. 


We can provide advice and assistance at any stage of the labelling process, whether that is artwork and design or finding the right printing company to handle your printing for you. 


We can also label your products manually or by machine depending on your requirements and workload. 



Working closely with several companies across Europe, we are able to source the best packaging materials to suit your needs. 


A range of options are available by which to package your range of nutritional supplements ranging from plastic containers, tubs and pots (PET/HDPE/PE) to glass bottles and aluminium pouches. 


We are able to offer packaging options in a range of colours, materials and shades that will give your product a professional look that is completely unique to your brand.


Finally, we pack and seal your products to the highest standards possible ensuring complete customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of your products. 

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